Smart Grid

Austin Jones and Randall Haley interview Anne McCauley, Assistant Director of Campus Sustainability at Ole Miss, on their new Smart Grid Technology.
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Did you know that the cost of using electricity changes throughout the day? A business in New York shows us how smart meters can help us save money and energy. Watch
These developers at Pecan Street Inc. believe that a sustainable economy must be based on promoting clean energy. They work closely with local businesses and the University of Texas-Austin to develop a systems that reduces the cost of both energy... Read More
Capturing sunlight to power our homes at night has been one of the key problems businesses and scientists have been trying to solve. Growing Energy Labs, Inc, a participant in the Clean Tech Open, is sharing an idea that could revolutionize the way... Read More
Clean Economy Network
Tim Greeff, Policy Director at the Clean Economy Network, tells us why Verizon may hold the key to green communities and why EnergyStar is a model we should replicate to promote clean energy.
Our idea is to create a smart grid system to enhance and improve the energy infrastructure. Watch the video and learn all about the smart grid technology! Also check out the KU EcoHawks website to learn about all the great work happening at The... Read More
Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University
This week our segment on Bloomberg West focuses on EnerNOC, a service that aims to even out energy use across the grid through a network of communication. It monitors energy use in stores and other businesses, and when the energy grid is stressed,... Read More
The Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) is a consumer focused non-profit organization aiming to promote the understanding and benefits of modernized electrical systems among all stakeholders in the United States. In less than a year they have... Read More
Planet Forward
From Host Frank Sesno at the National Renewable Energy Lab