The forests in the Southern US act as carbon sinks, but their future rests in the hands of private landowners. Watch>>
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There's a new program at George Fox University, just outside of Portland, Oregon - Christian Earthkeeping. The University describes its program by saying, "Christian Earthkeeping is the Church’s response to the ecological crisis and to God’s command... Read More
Do something small to save something big. By lowering our thermostats a mere 2 degrees we can save the CO2 output equivalent of driving over 600 miles.
We all wear clothes, in public spaces. Why spend the energy to completely heat/cool the air space? Clothing research would require solving the air exchange rate in an inexpensive but durable manner. Our bodies generate moisture which must be... Read More
Here is the Cold Fusion Apparatus Mathmatical Proof that is current submitted to the USPTO office; the application number is 20100008461. In the Application, there is a predicted alternative embodiment of this invention, a solid core cold fusion... Read More
My idea works with his push to develop our natural gas resources. To remind you that imported oil cost the US $700 billion every year. This transfer of wealth correlates to lost purchasing power of the dollar, economic hardship on our citizens and... Read More
It’s time for a restructuring of America’s sewage system. When you flush waste and water down the toilet, it takes energy to pump and filter that water. And much of our country’s energy is created through the burning of harmful fossil fuels. So how... Read More
I’ve talked about it before: how much running on a treadmill and using gym equipment actually harms the environment. Though the main focus of visiting a gym is to focus on bettering your own body, there is little awareness of how much electricity... Read More
So you’re thirsty -- You reach for a bottle of cool, refreshing spring water, right? I guess that’s fine and all. Can you tell me where that water comes from or how it gets to your fridge? It’s actually rather interesting when you get down to it.
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Get ready for our next segment on Bloomberg TV by learning more about Ecovative Design! Planet Forward’s Frank Sesno talks with Ecovative’s founder about their mission to replace styrofoam and plastic! Watch>>