National Science Foundation
Studies done by Mark Lusk and colleagues at the Colorado School of Mines could significantly improve the efficiency of solar cells. Their latest work describes how the size of light-absorbing particles--quantum dots--affects the particles' ability... Read More
SCIArc & Caltech
What will the homes of the future look like? How will we live in them and how will they occupy space and use precious resources? CHIP has a vision, watch and see how it works!
Every year, I spend countless hours putting those plastic sheets over my windows for insulation. The bigger the window, the bigger the pane in the glass, the more time I spend and the more energy I lose to the winter. We often neglect insulation... Read More
SCIArc & Caltech
All mechanical systems in our house design have been selected to optimize the tradeoff between energy savings and cost of added photovoltaic (PV) energy generation. The HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and DHW (domestic hot water)... Read More
National Science Foundation
Electric vehicles are here to stay. With that being said, how will EVs engage more drivers while increasing efficiency? This study revealed that smaller battery packs in EVs are much more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly than larger, more... Read More
SCIArc & Caltech
CHIP'S Architectural concept is driven by the two sides of the net zero equation: energy production and energy consumption. Watch to find out how Team California makes the two sides meet!
Having hot water in your home sure is nice, but it requires a lot of energy! This PF innovator shows a new way to heat water using energy from the sun. These solar panels are different than traditional photovoltaic cells--they are designed... Read More
National Science Foundation
Many species of mammals in Yosemite National Park have shifted their home ranges to higher elevations over the last hundred years. A research team led by Craig Moritz at the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology of the University of California, Berkeley,... Read More
University of Notre Dame
Climate change adaptation is about helping societies and nature adjust to changing climate. Ecologists need to study example species to reveal key vulnerabilities and design useful strategies for helping biodiversity adjust to climate change. This... Read More
Old Dominion University and Hampton University
In May, the modules of the Unit 6 were delivered and assembled on campus at Old Dominion University. Since then, the members of Team Tidewater Virginia have been working every day on the construction of the house. At the end of August, the completed... Read More