Revamping Recycling!

Minnesota 2020
Many people think there’s not much you can do with an old mattress. In Minnesota, local governments are collecting old mattresses and recycling and reusing some of the materials in an effort to keep the mattresses from clogging up landfills!
What’s your community doing to encourage recycling? In Bethesda, Maryland, residents can recycle their old electronics without ever getting out of their car! This program allows for useful electronic parts to be reused and keeps dangerous toxins... Read More
When it comes to science, the National Science Foundation knows what they’re talking about. Check out what they’re doing to increase recycling at their headquarters--you might be able to apply some of their ideas to your home or business!
Under Armour is known for making clothes to fit your active lifestyle, but what about your green lifestyle? In addition to investing in wind energy, Under Armour now makes t-shirts made entirely from recycled water bottles!