renewable energy

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Brett Reinford and his family use a methane digester on their farm in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania to reduce food waste and generate power. 

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The best example of sustainability in action I know is the social network that is the bicycling community in my hometown of Pittsburgh.
GW Capital Partners Solar Project
GW Capital Partners Solar Project
The George Washington University
In an effort to reduce carbon footprints, GW partners with Duke Energy Renewables, American University, and the GWU Hospital to incorporate solar power into its facilities.
UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
There is an upcoming trend in the San Francisco Bay Area, but it is not in the form of an app or a smartphone. Rather it is a more efficient way to use energy… specifically renewable energy.
Sewanee: University of the South
What may be the cleanest and most effective way to heat cities is something you've probably never heard of: a process called district heating, or DH.
Planet Forward Intern/Marymount University
A food factory in the UK is taking the term "plant power" to a new level: It runs on potatoes.
Planet Forward, George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs
The latest National Climate Assessment is out - check out the highlights and some Planet Forward ideas that show you the real life impacts.
Gateway – On the leading edge of a green economy.
Gateway – On the leading edge of a green economy.
Gateway Technical College
CLA 2014 ASSOCIATE/TRIBAL COLLEGE WINNER: Gateway Technical College is educating students for practical leadership in sustainability.
Planet Forward, GWU School of Media and Public Affairs
One of the hardest parts of cracking the renewable energy problem is storing power from wind and solar. One company thinks that old-fashioned train technology might be the solution.
ARES CEO James Kelly discussing ARES Technology
ARES CEO James Kelly discussing ARES Technology
Advanced Reil Energy Storage
  Grid Scale Energy Storage   ARES energy storage technology employs a fleet of electric traction drive shuttle-trains, operating on a closed low-friction automated steel rail network to transport a field of heavy masses between two storage yards at... Read More