Alumin8 bins will be place around the campus for students to donate.

Alumin8 bins will be placed around UNL's campus for students to donate. (Photo courtesy of Alumin8)

University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Alumin8, an organization founded by students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is working to repurpose aluminum cans and donate the repurposed objects to local shelters.
University of Mississippi Game Day Recycling Program
University of Mississippi Game Day Recycling Program
The University of Mississippi
Learn more about the community education initiative that encourages recycling while tailgating.
Planet Forward Correspondent | George Washington University
Instead of letting Hurricane Sandy define the fate of the community, residents of Long Beach Island have since been able to rebuild and rethink their approach to sustainability. 
The George Washington University
Around the globe, green leaders, students, professors, workers in government, and everyday citizens alike united for a one-day conference to develop and evolve inventive solutions to pressing environmental issues.

(Photo courtesy Pixabay)

Planet Forward
It appears H&M is following in the footsteps of companies like Levi’s, Nike and Adidas, which have been pushed by the public to reinvent their production waste tactic through water and textile recycling programs.
The George Washington University
The focus of this piece is on Community Forklift which is a non-profit organization in Bladensburg, MD, which specializes in recycling construction and demolition waste.    
The George Washington University
I interviewed Mr. Kris Ferguson, recycling coordinator at GW, on GW Green Move-Out Program. The program makes the residence hall move-out process more environmentally- and community-friendly through a multifaceted donation drive.
Digital Media Producer, Planet Forward
Necessity is the mother of invention, and the necessity for cheap, imported goods in Ethiopia has led to a boom in recycling.
The George Washington University, Spring 2016 Editorial Intern
It’s time to think before you drink.
The University of Mississippi
The Green Grove Initiative at The University of Mississippi expands the progress of recycling and sustainability of many recyclable items.