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Topic: The brand new Washington DC Streetcar. Built by the District Department of Transportation earlier this year, the DC Streetcar is an innovative new way to deal with the rising population of the city.
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Is maglev the future of train travel in the U.S.? We're just exploring the technology now, but Asia has had trains operating for years. 
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This week marks the 111th anniversary of the opening of New York City's Subway, the Big Apple's famous underground rail system. 
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FEATURED SELFIE: The DC Streetcar could revitalize the H Street district while making public transit more green.
Video Courtesy of Bus Roots
Video Courtesy of Bus Roots
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Is the roof of a bus prime space for a garden? Can a fleet of them bring green space to a city? One entrepreneur says "yes."
I want to improve the experience on public transportation vehicles, while appealing to people who don't usually use public transportation. The project I am proposing requires no additional investment- the infrastructure is already there. It is just... Read More
The bus system is making riding easier by installing solar powered GPS systems that inform riders of where their buses are at every moment.
In 2008, Clear Channel Outdoor and the District Department of Transportation launched SmartBike DC, the first self-service public bike rental program of its kind in the United States. The pilot project included 120 bikes at 10 stations around the... Read More