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SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Cities all over the world have a problem: They’ve ceased to be for the people who live in them.
George Washington University
Overpopulation is a global issue that leads to the increased use of vehicles by humans, which in turn causes a heightened amount of CO2 emissions to be released into the environment.
Northwestern University
Northwestern University has launched its first student-run subscription bike-sharing program, called EO, where students pay $20 per quarter for unlimited rides and easy pick up/drop-off anywhere accessibility.
George Washington University
Taking a look at DC's new electric bus fleet to see if it's the "ride of the future."
University of Wiscosnin
The idea of hyperloop technology was first introduced by Elon Musk in 2013. A hyperloop will help to improve both the environment and humans' mobility.
Mobility for Sustainability
Mobility for Sustainability
A quick look at how using the metro can help people contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. (All music in video from
Proterra is revolutionizing the transportation industry.
Proterra is revolutionizing the transportation industry.
Assignment Editor, Planet Forward
Proterra, an innovative transportation company based out of Silicon Valley, has created electric buses in hopes of making even public transportation a zero-emission industry.
Public Funds for the DC Metro
Public Funds for the DC Metro
The George Washington University
By increasing public funds used for DC Metro, we can significantly cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. 
Planet Forward Correspondent | George Washington University
Instead of letting Hurricane Sandy define the fate of the community, residents of Long Beach Island have since been able to rebuild and rethink their approach to sustainability. 
Johns Hopkins University
Many senior citizens still want to maintain an active and social lifestyle, but are no longer able to get around as easily as they once did.