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One student's passionate pitch for the Central New York Regional Market to eliminate the use of plastic take-out bags, along with the rest of New York.
This is the story of Al-amin Muhammad, founder of We Rise Above the Streets, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting food injustice and poverty.

A screen grab of the Ciudad Saludable website (ciudadsaludable.org). 

Addressing sustainable economic development can help reduce poverty.

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A card system in which areas devoid of proper access to clean water are given a second chance and local people are provided more than just a job; there is a way to change the lives of children and families in poverty.
Iowa State University
We all know that Washington D.C. is known for being home to the White House, the President, and many monuments, memorials, and museums. (Oh, my!) But did you know that, in 2013, D.C. was also home to approximately 650 thousand people; 18.6% of them... Read More
Decrease Influence, Increase Relevance
Decrease Influence, Increase Relevance
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If you want to innovate, you've got to have the know-how first - Trent McKnight of Agricorps explains how he's reaching out to youth in the developing world and urbanites in the US to promote agricultural innovation from the ground up.
The sky is the limit for technological and business ingenuity now that solar is cost-effective. The year 2012 has been designated by the United Nations as the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All, and the UN called on the world to focus... Read More
Jakarta is one of the largest cities in Southeast Asia and one that is grappling with the impacts of climate change on lower-income populations. The city’s poor are often disproportionately affected by catastrophic weather events like floods, the... Read More