Momentum is building to initiate new uranium mining efforts in northern New Mexico, home to the nation's richest deposits. Assignment Earth traveled to communities around Mount Taylor, N.M., where uranium mining holds a "dark legacy."
The architect of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon must have been an early member of the green movement. Green roofs, an innovative form of environmental architecture, are taking root throughout the United States. The concept involves installing ground... Read More
Industrial pollution and overfishing have devastated fish and lobster species in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Mumbai, an ecological disaster and economic catastrophe for traditional fishermen
Planet Forward
How Spelman College has adapted to become more Sustainable
Planet Forward
From the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality
Have you ever seen what a gallon of gas looks like when it burns?
The residents of Meigs County, Ohio, live beneath the towering smokestacks of four coal-fired power plants. Elisa Young worries about the health effects of the plants, but others in her community are eager for the jobs a new plant could bring. Video... Read More