Temple University
This documentary highlights the alarming amount of hazardous waste sites that are littering the Greater Philadelphia area known as Superfund sites. These massive sites are riddled with toxic chemicals and pollution that can sit there for years while... Read More
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Landscape Laboratory is a proposed design for Chain Works District, a 95 acre post-industrial redevelopment project in Ithaca, New York.
George Washington University
Climate change is affecting the temperature and acidity of the oceans, which is putting our coral reefs, home to millions of species — and worth billions of dollars in multiple industries, at risk. 
The George Washington University
I made an info graphic about D.C.'s new ban on foam food container products. It describes why the ban is important and how it will help the sustainability of urban areas.       
Dirty Farm, Dirty Bay
Graphic Designer, Planet Forward
Agriculture is the primary polluter in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, with sediment runoff endangering plant life and marine ecosystems.
Jeff Kirschner on the Story Behind Litterati
Jeff Kirschner on the Story Behind Litterati
We all Instagram our food before we eat it - why not Instagram our attempts to clean up the planet?
Video by Julia Blakely and John Perrino
Video by Julia Blakely and John Perrino
Did you know that every gallon of gas you burn creates 20 pounds of CO2? 
Minnesota 2020
The 1972 Clean Water Act requires states to monitor river and lake health by measuring and reporting basic environmental data. That's quite a challenge in the land of 10,000 lakes, so every year the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency recruits... Read More
In the world's oceans, there are islands of plastic made from microscopic granuals as well as much larger pieces floating on the surface of water. These islands negatively impact all forms of life, many of which are consumed by humans as sources of... Read More
Unless we change our water consumption and systems of disposal and use, we are drinking from a 'sanitary sewer' which inevitably contributes to DNA changes and sicknesses in people, animals, plants . . . the entire environment. 'Upstream to... Read More