planting season

The George Washington University
by Jon Fenech and Natalie Kornicks Think one day without coffee is bad? Climate change patterns aren’t just affecting the farmers who grow coffee as a way of living.  It’s affecting the countries exporting tons of coffee beans daily.  It’s affecting... Read More
Minnesota 2020
Two years ago when planners designed the new St. Paul Fire Department headquarters, they were thinking with sustainability in mind. The new building is LEED certified for energy efficiency and has a designated roof space for a garden and native... Read More
by Miranda Green and Andrea Vittorio The George Washington University group GroW has started a community garden on campus. The result: good food, local honey and a few dirty hands!
Local food lies at the center of a sustainable way of living. Author and Environmentalist Bill McKibben speaks about the importance of local economies and his own experience eating food solely from the Champlain Valley in Vermont. Eating local not... Read More