A technician at the Strategic Petroleum Reserve inspects a crude oil transfer pipe in this 2013 file image. (Photo courtesy the Department of Energy)

Northwestern University
A GOP-lead House energy subcommittee is pushing legislation to require the DOE to lease some of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve facilities, and use the profits to update old equipment and infrastructure, as reported by Medill's Minghe Hu.
Walter Cronkite School, Arizona State University
Algae are simple photosynthetic organisms that are an original carbon source for petroleum products. Researchers at Arizona State University are growing algae and converting it into fuel. In this video ASU researchers explain how their turning... Read More
Planet Forward
Jack Gerard answers Planet Forward's energy innovation question and shares the secret behind being the leader of these new forms of energy.
Planet Forward
At the United States Energy Association's Annual State of the Energy Industry Forum, Jack Gerard, American Petroleum Institute President and CEO, spoke about the 500,000 jobs that could be created by the development of oil and gas in areas that is... Read More