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Planet Forward Intern/Marymount University
There's a reason ramen is so popular among college students — the price. Is it possible, on a student's budget, to not only eat a balanced diet (hint: put down the ramen) but also shop and eat sustainably? We explore how to do it.
Blogger at Our Hungry Food
Lots of students care about organic food, but very few dive into the facts behind it. Even less get their hands dirty, literally.
Video by Eric Estroff and Sam Cohen
Video by Eric Estroff and Sam Cohen
The George Washington University Student
  For most people, grocery shopping is a chore. Not for me. I love going grocery shopping. I love it so much that I consider it a rewarding activity. Organics: Old News, New Trend You are what you eat, right? Maybe that’s why everyone these days... Read More
American University
Former professional basketball player Will Allen cultivates his passion for farming to bring good food to urban areas.
Shouldn't Organic Food Be Affordable?
Shouldn't Organic Food Be Affordable?
George Washington University
After I watched Food Inc., a documentary on the food industry, I decided to boycott genetically modified foods because it convinced me that as the consumer my choice mattered. I was inspired by the following logic: the consumer drives the market.... Read More
The George Washington University
Interested in trying to eat local? Intimidated by buying fresh for the first time? Check out our guide to buying at your local farmer's market.
Challenges we face in the 21st century: - According to Professor Albert Barlett of the University of Colorado, "Modern agriculture is the use of land to convert petroleum into food." - Around the globe, the amount of arable farm land has been... Read More