Nissan Leaf

The George Washington University
The Nissan Leaf is popular with EV owners, but how do electric cars fit in a multi-car household?
National Geographic and Planet Forward
Ever wonder what one of those all-electric cars feels like when you’re behind the wheel? Well, here’s your chance. We’ll start by getting the lowdown on what it means to be a “zero-emission vehicle” from one of the Energy Department’s car... Read More
5. Is Nissan’s Leaf Too Sexy for Your Pocketbook?
Facing some of the most intractable foreign policy situations of his term, President Barack Obama is looking inward. In a major speech on March 30th, Obama outlined his plan to reduce oil imports by a third over the next decade and a half while... Read More
Is the U.S Green Building Counsel’s coveted LEED Certification full of crap? No not really but it is very far from perfect. All too often green gurus and real-estate agents sing the praises of LEED certifications but when looked at more thoroughly... Read More
Planet Forward
Tune in Thursday for Planet Forward’s premier on PBS's Nightly Business Report. Inspired by a PF member, the piece asks: Is the Nissan LEAF worth it? We take a test drive.