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EcoTech Fuels, LLC
EcoTech Fuels enters into a joint venture with the Native Self-Sufficiency Center of the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe (New York) that will convert local waste materials into advanced synfuels -- AND provide cash for Mohawk youth programs.
From nature we see that there is an overall change in climate, not only global warming. Trends demonstrate that the world is generally warming, however, some places will get more precipitation and some will get less. There is variability in the... Read More
In this animated Energy 101 video, energyNOW! correspondent Lee Patrick Sullivan looks at how one of New York City's most famous structures, the Empire State Building, is becoming one of its greenest.
EnergyNOW! special correspondent Josh Zepps looks at how Ecovative Design is replacing materials made from synthetics with eco-friendly packaging made from mushrooms and agricultural byproducts.
Congressman, New York
Congressman Steve Israel of New York's 2nd District talks about our energy future. See what he thinks will be the energy game changer and set your DVR's because New York and New Jersey, Planet Forward's Energy of Innovation PBS special is coming to... Read More
Planet Forward and PBS explore how the Empire State Building is greening its giant footprint.
High-Grade metamorphic terrains, located in thousands of places around the world with many right here in the United States, shed or erode minerals of economic importance. We are working on a 40 square mile piece of New York State Owned Land (we own... Read More
The iconic Empire State Building just took a gigantic green leap with building renovations that do more than scrape the surface of energy efficiency.
Planet Forward
A ReUse store advocating zero waste in New York City