New Mexico

A blue pickup truck is parked on a dirt road in front of a field with rows of green crops extending towards the horizon line. Large mountains are in the distance.

Cerro Vista Farms in Northern New Mexico. (Eva Sideris)

Planet Forward Correspondent | SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry
In this podcast, Daniel "Farmer Dan" Carmona shares his personal historical account of water, politics, underground rivers, and water witches!
Momentum is building to initiate new uranium mining efforts in northern New Mexico, home to the nation's richest deposits. Assignment Earth traveled to communities around Mount Taylor, N.M., where uranium mining holds a "dark legacy."
The Rio Grand flows through some of the oldest continually inhabited land in the United States. In northern New Mexico, the river follows a deep gorge formed by the separation of the Earth's curst. Because of its wild and pristine state it's home to... Read More
Turning algae into the next renewable resource by making it in to plastics, bio fuels, nutritional supplements as well as animal feed. The algae will be grown in the non-potable water that is left over from reverse osmosis.