A page of sheet music for a song titled, "The Sound of Mountains Melting," lies on a flat surface framed by a collection of small objects including a flute.

Handwritten sheet music inspired by Earth’s Wild Music by Kathleen Dean Moore, Ph.D. (Chris Zatarain)

Planet Forward Correspondent | University of Arizona
An original composition of electro-acoustic art music scored for English horn and fixed media featuring field recordings and narration. The piece explores the complicated emotions that may arise from living in a time of anthropogenic climate change.
Labor activists join environmentalists wearing turtle costumes at the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle, Washington.

Labor activists join environmentalists wearing turtle costumes at the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle, Washington. (Courtesy of the Seattle Municipal Archives, Item 175623)

Georgetown University
I interview labor and environmental activist Joe Uehlein about the historic intersections between those two activist movements and how he tells those stories in his music.
A photo of Cross with a brain in her hair and wearing a plaid coat, copying the Evermore cover. She has a chicken standing on her shoulder.

The day after the release of 'evermore,' Cross recreated the album cover with her chicken. Her posts can be seen on her Instagram @whatthecluckeggs.

The George Washington University
Caleigh Cross, a 27-year old Vermont woman, has had pet chickens for years, but she began to do something different with them this past year: pose alongside them to recreate Taylor Swift's album covers. 
Greening The Music Industry
The George Washington University School of Business
While waiting in line outside your favorite venue, you may not be thinking about what it’s taken to make that show happen. If you look at the top 100 tours of 2015, fans traveled about 240 million miles, emitting 58,000 metric tons of CO2.
Oberlin's commitment to sustainability isn't secluded to a single office or project, but something that's integrated throughout campus from engaging prospective students to the Office of the President. Advancing our sustainability goals has led to... Read More
Here's an ode to get behind: "A hydrogen fuel cell is in the making. It breaks down water it turns it in the fuel emitting zero pollution which is real cool." Watch/Listen
Can music make a difference? The New Pornographers and Oxfam teamed up to spread make a music video featuring local residents still reeling from the BP oil spill.
Digital Media Producer, Planet Forward
Bill McKibben’s hopes to stage “the largest piece of public art in the planet’s history.” From Australia to Egypt, Spain, and Canada, groups will be creating images that are visible from space. The question is: with an issue like climate... Read More
Planet Forward
A song from George Washington University students Alex Laska and Julie Taylor.
Music video for the "350 Rap" for climate change action. Special thanks to all the participants, to videographer & co-director Cate Smierciak and to Fat Tire Bike Tours Berlin. Why 350? 350 parts per million is the safe level of carbon dioxide... Read More