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Planet Forward Correspondent | Reed College
In 1957, Monsanto’s House of the Future predicted what living in 1986 might be like. Made almost entirely of fiberglass and plastic, where is the house now?
cotton plant
Texas Tech University
As cotton farmers in the South Plains of Texas vie for economic sustainability, they realize strategic environmental action is crucial in their efforts.
George Washington University
On a Planet Forward storytelling trip this fall to Nebraska, I was inspired by the women we met — women not all in roles you'd expect to find on family farms and in the agriculture industry. 
Farmers, Science and the Sustainability Story
Planet Forward
A discussion of the intersection of why farmers need technology and how we ensure those tools are effective, efficient and sustainable.
Digital Media Producer, Planet Forward
One GWU student started the year skeptical of Genetically Modified Organisms, but had a change of heart once she looked closer.
Bill Woebkenberg: How Policy Affects the Biofuels Industry
Bill Woebkenberg: How Policy Affects the Biofuels Industry
Planet Forward
The 2014 EIA Conference addressed the state of energy in the US and foreign markets with policy analysis, projections and plenty of line graphs. We caught up with a few of the panelists to discuss a variety of topics.