desert locust on dirt

The desert locust is considered one of the most devastating migratory pests in the world — and right now they are swarming in Africa. (Adam Matan/Creative Commons)

Planet Forward Correspondent | The George Washington University
A recent investigation into the devastating locust outbreak spreading across East Africa has led me to some troublesome conclusions on the problematic nature of media coverage on Africa in the United States.
Planet Forward Correspondent | SUNY-ESF
Where do we draw the line between historical preservation and present-day environmental degradation? In the case of Glass Bottle Beach, where early 1900's garbage bleeds into the ocean with every tide, the line is surprisingly very fuzzy.

(Illustration on silk by Mira Nussbaum)

SUNY Environmental Science & Forestry
After the 2016 election, the art of serious storytelling just got both harder and more interesting.
What responsiblities do journalists have when covering food?
What responsiblities do journalists have when covering food?
Digital Media Producer, Planet Forward
How do we communicate climate change and the challenges it poses for agriculture? At our last 2014 salon, we identified key communication solutions for telling the story of food, and got in touch with the top journalists and experts in the field. We... Read More
Communicating Science
Graphic Designer, Planet Forward
Scientists generate a ton of great research on food, agriculture and climate. But, sometimes, it never gets to the public. Where's the disconnect?
Video by Anahi Ruiz and Lauren Pollack
Video by Anahi Ruiz and Lauren Pollack
The George Washington Universtiy
How do we make people care about climate change? One GWU professor says storytelling is the key.