Green raspberries on a plant

(Photos by Katherine Baker/Cornell University)

Planet Forward Senior Correspondent | Cornell University
Fight global hunger using these seven plant-powered innovations for a more healthful and sustainable food system.

Mealworms, the larval form of the mealworm beetle, and an edible insect (OakleyOriginals/Creative Commons)

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Insect farming has the potential to reduce malnutrition in food insecure areas of the world.
Planet Forward Salon - A Solvable Problem: How We Reduce Global Hunger
Planet Forward
Vimlendra Sharan, the UN-FAO's Director of the Liaison Office for North America, joined Frank Sesno at The George Washington University on Sept. 28, to talk about how we're going to feed an increasingly hungry planet — and how we tell that story.
Food Loss Where We Can Least Afford It
George Washington University
One third of our food is lost from farm to table in developing countries. Can you believe that about one in nine people are starving, according to the World Food Programme?
Sustainable Agriculture at 10,000 Feet
Planet Forward
How do we solve the problems of malnutrition and challenging climate conditions at 10,000 ­plus feet above sea level in Peru?
Fast Food: Nutrition Or Nightmare?
Graphic Designer, Planet Forward
Fast food is big business, but it trades convenience for health. As obesity grows, it's worth taking a look what we're putting into our bodies on the go.
Video by Maggie Kierstead and Anna Sumi
Video by Maggie Kierstead and Anna Sumi
Digital Media Producer, Planet Forward
Losing weight is already an incredibly hard task, even in the best of circumstances. Now imagine you live in a food desert, with no access to a car, a low income and no supermarkets nearby.
The George Washington University
Ramen is a go-to for the cash poor college student, but for some struggling families it is the only option available.
Edited by Anahi Ruiz and Eric Osman
Edited by Anahi Ruiz and Eric Osman
The George Washington University
The Guatemalan government and local radio stations are working together to improve child nutrition, but their relationship was not always on such good terms.
Planet Forward, George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs
Follow the journey of the Explorers in Guatemala and meet the key players in the attempt to improve child nutrition along the way.