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Planet Forward Correspondent | GW Law School
At the heart of D.C. sits an urban oasis: K Street Farms. Here, a hard-fought battle for food justice is being fought for the known food desert that is southeast D.C.
Northwestern University
Every August, hundreds of fishermen, boaters and spectators descend on the tiny village of Bath, Illinois for a weekend of fun — and to try to catch the most invasive Asian carp.

Camp 41's amazing cooks — a team headed by the Brazilian grandmother we all wanted to adopt — kept the Planet Forward crew full of fresh, local fruits at breakfast and lunch. (Planet Forward)

Arizona State University
Planet Forward led a student storytelling expedition to the Amazon. Read Sydney's story of how she found her sense of comunidade — “community” in Portuguese — as she turned every corner in Brazil.
University of Mississippi
We did a video on a market/cafe that only uses local and seasonal ingredients. It is located in Oxford MS.

(Kelly Fagan)

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
I want you all to imagine a world where tall smokestacks didn’t fill the sky with gray clouds of pollution, where forests weren’t clear cut for food and turned into wasteland, where animals as well as their habitats were not objectified, tortured... Read More
The George Washington University
Glen's Garden Market is a DC based grocery store and restaurant that focuses on improving the environment and reducing the carbon footprint in DC.
Local RI Maple Syrup by Uncle Buck
Local RI Maple Syrup by Uncle Buck
Roger Williams University
ASHAWAY R.I.__ This past winter has been one of the snowiest winter’s to date. It was multiple blizzards that buried the northeast and the people of Rhode Island went into hibernation. Uncle Buck’s Sugar House in Ashaway, R.I. felt the impact of... Read More
Aquidneck Honey is located in Middletown, R.I.
Aquidneck Honey is located in Middletown, R.I.
Roger Williams University
When owner of Aquidneck Honey, Jeff Mello realized the importance of bees in our food supply, his whole life changed. This man of many trades decided to become a best friend to his worst enemy. He became dedicated to beekeeping, while deathly... Read More
Explorers in America
In February, we took a stroll through Yonkers, N.Y., with Curt Collier. This man has seen the future, and has some cool things to report back.
The George Washington University
Want the benefits of farming without the hassle of actually doing it? A CSA may be for you.