land management

Listening to live or recorded natural sound can connect us and provide valuable information about the state of our environment. (Chris Zatarain)

Planet Forward Correspondent | University of Arizona
In this audio story, I talk with Laura Giannone, a field recording artist and acoustic ecology technician who uses sound in her creative work and as a way to aid in several conservation efforts.
Planet Forward Senior Correspondent
Despite the devastating impacts of colonization, the Kashia Band of Pomo Indians have persevered in restoring their ecosystem and culture. Learn how the Kashia have lived in and managed the Sonoma County coastal environment for centuries.
Frank Sesno & Chris Policinski at the 2018 Planet Forward Summit
Land O'Lakes, Inc.
Farmers genuinely care about doing their part to protect our planet, for all the same reasons as anyone else. While it’s a worthy sentiment, I believe it’s time to update our message to reflect the changing reality of our industry.