George Mason University
James Mwenda climbs into the passenger seat of our Land Cruiser, a bushel of carrots swinging from his hand. “Jambo,” he says, flashing us a wide smile. “Ready to go?” When first welcoming our student group to Ol Pejeta Conservancy’s Endangered... Read More
George Washington University
Waste is cluttering our world, but some countries are trying to turn this around.
Columbia University
Francesco Fiondella, Planet Forward board member and head of communications at the Earth Institute at Columbia University, visited Kenya to learn how the community makes climate resilient choices.
FAO Successes
Graphic Designer, Planet Forward
Who's climate-smart already? We take a look at three cases where the climate-smart agriculture approach has helped communities face climate change.
Creative Fish Tank
You might throw a ball without thinking about it, but once upon a time it was an innovation that let us open up whole new dietary avenues to explore. With throwing came more hunting, and with hunting came a changing way to feed themselves
Creative Fish Tank
One current community in Africa, the Dassanech, is adapting to climate change right now. The team at Koobi Fora takes a look at how it's changing their economy, how they eat and how they live.
Creative Fish Tank
The team at Koobi Fora looks at the origins of human diet, from changes in our anatomy that led us towards hunting to how climate change determined our adaptive, diverse palates.
Creative Fish Tank
Dr. Brian Richmond leads his team at Koobi Fora to discover the biodiversity that surrounded early humans and other hominids, and how early human anatomy was shaped to run.
Creative Fish Tank
The team at Koobi Fora looks at how dramatic changes in the environment radically altered how ancient humans lived, how they handled changing resources, and how climate change directed human evolution through toolmaking.
Planet Forward, George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs
Changes in diet and innovations in technology enabled our ancestors to weather a rapidly changing climate at the dawn of civilization. Can we draw on what our ancestors discovered to find ways to adapt to our current climate conundrum? Dr. Brian... Read More