It's Electric! The Best of Batteries

The Prosperity Energy Storage Project in New Mexico allows for efficient generation, distribution, and storage of solar energy. The solar facility stores excess energy and then distributes it through a smart grid when demand is higher, like when it... Read More
The safety issues of traditional lithium-ion batteries are well-documented: corrosion, toxic chemicals, and even fires and explosions. A new electrolyte material looks to put an end to these hazards; it's constructed out of non-corrosive and non-... Read More
Who can argue with a battery that lasts ten times longer than current types while using no toxic metals? By using enzymes to convert sugar into energy (just like we do), the bio-battery can generate a large amount of electrical energy more... Read More
When our phones are about to die, what do we do? We charge the battery! But what if we had something more efficient than a battery? This research team from Northeastern University is working on a portable fuel cell that converts chemical energy... Read More
National Science Foundation
Electric vehicles are here to stay. With that being said, how will EVs engage more drivers while increasing efficiency? This study revealed that smaller battery packs in EVs are much more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly than larger, more... Read More