Innovation in Transportation!

There’s nothing worse than being in a hurry and getting stuck in traffic! Enter Greenway: a navigation system that directs drivers away from traffic, making city streets less congested!
When it comes to automotive innovation, you may not think about the interior of your car. These Ford researchers have, however, incorporating recycled materials into their cushions, fabrics, and liners. Is that suede? Or just plastic bottles?
Motorcycles are lightweight and efficient but can't carry groceries. Cars are more flexible but not always fuel-efficient. Arcimoto, a personal electric vehicle, intends to meet the two in the middle by offering a fuel-efficient vehicle suited for... Read More
National Science Foundation
Last night on Bloomberg West we showed you City Car, a car that’s in a league of its own! These shareable electric cars can stack together like shopping carts, so they take up less space and also make getting around cities easier and more... Read More