Sustainability for the future should rely on what has worked in the past and away from more production.
Video by Anna Sumi and Maggie Kierstead
Video by Anna Sumi and Maggie Kierstead
Digital Media Producer, Planet Forward
Backpacker, adventurer, researcher, Israeli, economist, irrigation expert; Professor Ram Fishman is more than meets the eye.
What if you had to boil your milk every time you wanted a bowl of cereal? That's the reality in some parts of India, but MIT scientists have a cool idea that is changing the situtation.
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Air conditioners represent a troubling paradox: they cool indoor spaces, but they heat up the climate. Most air conditioning systems operate via coolants, which often emit greenhouse gases -- but not always. Indian manufacturing company Godrej is... Read More
MIT Researchers' 'Cool' Idea for Very Fresh Milk
MIT Researchers' 'Cool' Idea for Very Fresh Milk
This week's segment from Bloomberg West focuses on Promethean Power, a company that is working to provide people in India with fresher milk, but using less energy.
A recent report released by the Indian environment minister suggests that India’s annual greenhouse emissions increased by 58 percent from 1994-2007. Curious about the statistics? The emissions grew from 1.25 billion tons to 1.90 billion tons.