University of Wisconsin Madison
Industrial agriculture is a huge contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and now, more than ever, people are exploring alternative food cultivation systems such as hydroponics to offset the damage done by industrial agriculture.
View of Jackson, Wyoming

A view of Jackson, Wyoming, from Snow King Mountain.

Planet Forward Senior Correspondent | Middlebury College
After years without fresh produce, this isolated community in Wyoming created an innovative farm that yields more than 100,000 pounds of food per year.

(Nate Mach/University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Planet Forward Correspondent | University of Wisconsin - Madison
A Madison, Wisconsin-based dream of a hydroponics-driven future: How one student organization hopes to inspire others to embrace clean, sustainable urban agriculture.
Purdue University
The world is facing a growing crisis. The global population continues to increase and we need to find a way to feed them.
The George Washington University
Floating Farms is an innovative and sustainable idea from Forward Thinking Architecture in Barcelona that would bring food closer to the ever expanding urban populations while also creating more farming 'land' (a quickly dwindling resource) by... Read More
Hydroponics at RWU
Hydroponics at RWU
Roger Williams University
BRISTOL R.I.__ Nestled by the Mt. Hope Bay lies the campus of Roger Williams University and is home to a state of the art science building where salt water tanks line the labs, except for one. The self-sustaining Hydroponics system that the club... Read More
Video by Julia Blakely and John Perrino
Video by Julia Blakely and John Perrino
How do you fit 12 acres of productivity into 12,000 square feet? Just ask Mary Ellen Taylor, The Lettuce Lady.
My “idea” is quite idealistic in its self. In order to solve the efficiency problems of our daily lives, multiple solutions must be addressed simultaneously. To do so, my idea provides a possible solution to filter sewage/waste water, while... Read More