National Science Foundation
How do we harness the power of hydrogen and turn it into useable energy? This episode of Green Revolution talks to scientists who are up for the hydrogen energy challenge.
Can algae save the world again? The microscopic green plants cleaned up the earth's atmosphere millions of years ago and scientists hope they can do it now by helping remove greenhouse gases and create new oil reserves. In the distant past, algae... Read More
A Proposal to Convert Air Transport to Clean Hydrogen (CATCH) Air transport produces twelve percent of all transportation greenhouse gas and disproportionately accounts for 4-9% of human climate change impact. These percentages are growing, and... Read More
Planet Forward
From Host Frank Sesno at the National Renewable Energy Lab
Planet Forward
World-changing energy breakthrough technology providing abundant, low-cost, carbon-free energy
Planet Forward
By Victoria Riess, Haley Lesavoy & Mark Abramson The technology is here, but without an infrastructure to implement it, there will be no progress.