Hydroelectric Power

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The Hoover Dam, 80 years old this week, is both a hydroelectric plant and distributes water to the arid Southwest. What role is the drought playing in today's Hoover Dam and Lake Mead?
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Ethiopia doesn’t get the play it deserves on western media outlets. It’s the cradle of humanity—with “Lucy,” our famous hominid ancestor, once calling the area her home. Its Christian lineage dates all the way back to the first century AD, well... Read More
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A hydroelectrtic treasure trove might already exist right under our streets - that's the idea behind Lucid Energy.
Lucid Energy is a provider of renewable energy systems and a pioneer in the development of in-pipe hydropower with the LucidPipe Power System. Lucid Energy's patented LucidPipe™ Power System is a water-to-wire energy recovery solution that enables... Read More
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By creating symbiotic relationships with other nations, especially our neighbors, the United States can begin using hydroelectric power efficiently as a means of moving away from our oil dependency. Canada and the United States have a complementary... Read More
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Hydrovolts capitalizes upon the large global opportunity of untapped energy of controlled flowing water, enabling clean electricity in places never before possible. The company’s zero-head hydrokinetic turbines offer an economical and easy way to... Read More
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Are you ready to ride the waves? Planet Forward Intern Dave Raish shows us a video – with a nifty animation – that explains how one utility plans to harness the most reliable resource on Earth – the tides. By connecting two tidal turbines – think... Read More
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When we normally imagine hydroelectric energy, we think of huge dams, big lakes, and dry rivers. The state of Nevada - not normally known for its water - is trying to promote something different. Their new HydroGenerations initiative offers... Read More