Green raspberries on a plant

(Photos by Katherine Baker/Cornell University)

Planet Forward Senior Correspondent | Cornell University
Fight global hunger using these seven plant-powered innovations for a more healthful and sustainable food system.

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George Mason University
If we can just solve the food waste problem, we could have enough food to feed everyone — even with a growing world population.

M.J. Altman, the editorial director for the World Food Program USA, was a part of a trip to Bangladesh with the organization in 2015. (Photo courtesy M.J. Altman)

George Washington University
Editorial director at World Food Program USA M.J. Altman uncovers the hidden human stories about people and food on the frontlines of hunger in her podcast called “Hacking Hunger.”
Fighting food waste with Food Forward
George Washington University
Southern California produces a sizable country of the nation's produce, yet the community has a sizable proportion of its residents who are food insecure; Food Forward is a new NGO that recovers and redistributes food to hunger relief organizations... Read More
Food Recovery Network at UMD, College Park
Food Recovery Network at UMD, College Park
The Food Recovery Network saves food that cafeterias throw out by packaging the leftovers each night and delivering them to shelters.
Planet Forward Intern/Marymount University
Friday is World Food Day — and the 70th anniversary of the UN-FAO!
Sustainable Agriculture at 10,000 Feet
Planet Forward
How do we solve the problems of malnutrition and challenging climate conditions at 10,000 ­plus feet above sea level in Peru?
The Next Generation of Hunger Fighters
Planet Forward
Rep. Jim McGovern interviews the next generation of hunger ­fighters and discusses their stories and ideas.
Conversation With A Hunger Fighter
Planet Forward
​In the fight against hunger and poverty, individuals like Rep. Jim McGovern stand out for their stories and experiences. Learn how he’s using policy and activism to spread the word.
American University
Sometimes good food falls through the cracks and becomes waste. These guys catch it, and turn it into a community service.