Victoria University of Wellington
New Zealand--Victoria University of Wellington is the first team from the Southern hemisphere to compete in the US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011. They have made a series of video blogs which follow their progress in the lead up to the... Read More
Planet Forward
I stole this video from a blog I read called "Honestly...WTF". The video you are watching features an environmental group in Berlin demonstrating how much individual drivers move in their cars. It's amazing to see the amount of paint streaked... Read More
Why are we still burning firewood without any smog controls at all?
It may seem gross, and that's primarily because it is. Cows are king of converting plant material into energy so it's no wonder that researchers have begun to look to bovine for answers. Everyday the average cow digests 150 pounds of plant material... Read More
It’s time for a restructuring of America’s sewage system. When you flush waste and water down the toilet, it takes energy to pump and filter that water. And much of our country’s energy is created through the burning of harmful fossil fuels. So how... Read More
Next time you flush the toilet, think about all the CO2 you are releasing into the atmosphere. No, you are not personally releasing gases into the atmosphere when you tug down on that handle and see the water spinning, but we could offset about half... Read More
Former member of the Cleveland Electric Vehicle Association
Its getting near that time of the year that we have to return the clocks to Standard Time. There are lots of arguments about the impact that Daylight Savings Time has on Energy. The night people say that Daylight Savings Time conserves Energy and... Read More
With the popularity of LeBron James' televised special announcing his choice of a new team, we decided to use the same format to put Dirty the Global Warming Denying Sock Puppet on the spot.