Main Street Underwater
University of Connecticut
In Port Chester, community members, myself included, are pleading with the Village to consider implementing mechanisms for environmentally- and community-conscious planning which have emerged in the last decades.
The George Washington University
What if your favorite place was in the way of a serious flood? What if climate change meant it would keep happening, over and over?
American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)
Editor's Pick: As the weather begins to cool down, we will begin turning up the heat and grabbing our blankets and hats to try to stay warm.  What if there was a more sustainable and cost-effective way to keep our homes warm in the winter season?
Why do people use umbrellas? To shade themselves from the heat of the sun and to shelter themselves from rain! My plan is to add another roof above the existing roof on my house, leaving about six inches to a foot of airspace between the two roofs... Read More
Ohio State University’s enCORE strives for spatial efficiency in a 970 square foot, 3-person family home that features 2 bedrooms and an office. This video introduces the systems and strategies that run this prototype for the new sustainable and... Read More
We need to rethink the way that people live, redesigning the traditional family home to be much more sustainable in all aspects. Ohio State's enCORE is the university's second entry into the US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. The team is... Read More
Friends of Lake Park, The Sierra Club, Wisconsin Go Hiking
It's very simple just "pull the plug" after using an appliance or electrical device. If more people did this every day all day imagine the amount of money we would save as a nation.
Planet Forward
If we knew that there was a form of alternative energy that we knew was growing private sector jobs at an incredible rate, cutting our emissions, and cutting our trade deficit all at the same time, we would jump at the opportunity to invest in it,... Read More