Detroit-based Firefly Drone Shows is putting on CIVANA’s Fourth of July drone show in Carefree. (Photo courtesy of Firefly Drone Shows)

Arizona State University
For some metro Phoenix residents, the steady drumbeat of Fourth of July fireworks were replaced with the high-pitched whine of electric motors as hundreds of drones took to the sky. Reported by Dylan Simard.
Sustainable Gifts

(Unsplash/ DiEtte Henderson)

Planet Forward Senior Correspondent | Cornell University
A list of useful, practical, sustainable, and fun products to give and receive this holiday season.
Planet Forward Intern/Marymount University
How can you be a good steward of the environment — and still get home in time for your holiday dinner?
Blog by Matthew Seedorff
Blog by Matthew Seedorff
There's plenty of presents underneath, but what's on the needles of your Christmas tree? One organic farmer is growing trees without harmful pesticides for moral and spiritual reasons.
Planet Forward, GWU School of Media and Public Affairs
All that food on Thanksgiving takes fuel to get from the farm to your table. One DC business is trying to keep it local and save the emissions.