George Washington University
GWU Student Tim Palmieri added organics to his life, and discovered benefits he says are worth the extra price tag.
Georgetown University
In order to feed our nation we have established an elaborate food supply system. We produce billions of bushels of grain, millions of pounds of meat, and incredible amounts of other raw and processed foods, and ship them all over the world. In 2012... Read More
We have invented a fresh water system that can be used by anyone anywhere in the world.  Our device runs off of solar energy to make contaminated or unsanitary water biologically pure. To use the device, you first clarify the contaminated water and... Read More
Minnesota 2020
When over-the-counter prescriptions or the most basic medications expire, an all too common reaction is to flush pills down the toilet. But even modern water treatment facilities aren't equipped to handle such chemicals, and it often ends up in... Read More
World Healing Day
According to a 20 year study by Kaiser Permenente, 70 to 85% of all illness in America is caused by unmanaged stress. Our annual health costs are approaching $3 trillion per year. Mind-body practices such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, and qigong,... Read More
UNSW Australia
With 7 billion mouths to feed--and many more to come--how will our cities, economies, health systems and environments cope? What are the challenges and opportunities? Some of UNSW's experts to canvass the big issues surrounding the global... Read More
Unless we change our water consumption and systems of disposal and use, we are drinking from a 'sanitary sewer' which inevitably contributes to DNA changes and sicknesses in people, animals, plants . . . the entire environment. 'Upstream to... Read More
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