University of Hawaii at Manoa
In order to proactively conserve the environment, students at the University of Hawai'i use psycho-social research techniques to address the root causes of environmental issues.
OTEC plant
George Washington University
A technology park in Hawai'i harnesses ocean temperature differences to power its sustainable development projects.
Digital Media Producer, Planet Forward
Check out the pilot to Planet Forward's new Web series, Green Screen!
Video by Sumner Byrne and Eric Osman
Video by Sumner Byrne and Eric Osman
The George Washington University
Hawaii is a great vacation spot - for now.
University of Hawaii, Manoa
September welcomes the return of the Solar Decathlon, a biennial green-building competition in Washington, D.C. For the event, 20 international collegiate teams will construct solar houses on the National Mall. Catch this preview of the design from... Read More