Happy Sustainable Summer!

National Science Foundation
Because cities have so many dark surfaces that absorb heat, they can become extremely hot and congested during the summer. A new study suggests that by painting roofs white, city temperatures could decrease nearly two degrees during the summer... Read More
Summer is a great time to gather some friends and go for a bike ride. This bicycle uses energy from the sun to help riders climb the steepest hills with very little effort!
Planet Forward
Get ready for our next segment on Bloomberg TV by learning more about Ecovative Design! Planet Forward’s Frank Sesno talks with Ecovative’s founder about their mission to replace styrofoam and plastic! Watch>>
During the summer there is an abundance of sunlight. Take that opportunity to reduce your hot water consumption by creating your own solar-powered water heater. Check out this video to learn how!
In the mood for a snack? Harness the power of the sun this summer to make some delicious bread! Just make sure you don’t get burned!