The 2010 elections brought with them an onslaught of “wooohoo’s” and “Ahhhhrrghh’s” from the millions of spectators that were eagerly watching, waiting and holding their breath.
The iconic Empire State Building just took a gigantic green leap with building renovations that do more than scrape the surface of energy efficiency.
One of the first lessons we learn in Kindergarten is to pick up after ourselves.  Apparently the lesson doesn't stick well.  Americans are producing more waste and using more energy than we ever have before, and if this energy crisis is going to be... Read More
George Washington University-School of Media and Public Affairs
Las Vegas is considered a city of excess, with its neon lights, massive buffets, and perhaps too many Elvis impersonators.
When most people think of Saudi Arabia, they think oil. But now, the world’s largest oil exporter is taking steps toward solar. SolFocus, a California-based solar power developer, recently announced plans to install Saudi Arabia’s first commercial... Read More
It’s time for a restructuring of America’s sewage system. When you flush waste and water down the toilet, it takes energy to pump and filter that water. And much of our country’s energy is created through the burning of harmful fossil fuels. So how... Read More
I’ve talked about it before: how much running on a treadmill and using gym equipment actually harms the environment. Though the main focus of visiting a gym is to focus on bettering your own body, there is little awareness of how much electricity... Read More
So you’re thirsty -- You reach for a bottle of cool, refreshing spring water, right? I guess that’s fine and all. Can you tell me where that water comes from or how it gets to your fridge? It’s actually rather interesting when you get down to it.
Wait...too much solar energy? These are words I thought I would never hear but as with anything in life, too much of a good thing always spells bad news. According to Stephan Kohler, chairman of the German Energy Agency (DENA), there is too much... Read More
I will openly admit that I am not a treehugger. I'm not a vegetarian, I don't watch those PETA videos about animal cruelty, and I certainly would not consider myself the most energy efficient student on the block. Don't hate me just yet.