Pervious Surfaces
Pervious Surfaces
University of Mississippi
This is an informational video on the benefits of pervious surfaces for our enviornment vs. impervious surfaces.
Fulbright Organization
A recent report records the pulse of groundwater level changes in Nebraska following 2012's historic drought. How are these levels recorded and what will they mean for agricultural production, water levels and drought recovery this year? Find out on... Read More
The practice of hydraulic fracturing (a.k.a. “fracking”) is as controversial as ever across the country, with California lawmakers tightening restrictions and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo giving consideration to lifting that state’s nearly five-... Read More
By conserving water that we normally would waste, such as water from our roofs following a rain storm or tap water that we waste in our homes, we could generate more energy and use the water that nature freely gives us to use in our homes.
Environmental and Energy Study Institute
Experts speaking on Capitol Hill about nutrient conditions in the nation’s waters. More information is available at 092410_water.