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Planet Forward Correspondent | George Washington University
Some scientists envision a futuristic device that could use solar energy to convert CO2 pollution into a more useful molecule. A new study from Nature brings us one important step closer.
Proterra is revolutionizing the transportation industry.
Proterra is revolutionizing the transportation industry.
Assignment Editor, Planet Forward
Proterra, an innovative transportation company based out of Silicon Valley, has created electric buses in hopes of making even public transportation a zero-emission industry.
Public Funds for the DC Metro
Public Funds for the DC Metro
The George Washington University
By increasing public funds used for DC Metro, we can significantly cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. 

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Middlebury College
Ruby Woodside, a fellow at Second Nature, discusses what carbon neutrality will look like in the coming year, now that several major institutions have gone entirely Carbon Neutral.
The George Washington University
GWU student Erica Halvorson always figured that what she put into her body was a personal decision, but it turns out that it is quite the public concern.
George Washington University-School of Media and Public Affairs
You can’t have your pudding if you don’t eat your meat! This old adage comes from legendary rock-n-rollers Pink Floyd and they have a point… When you clean your plate, you help clean the environment too. You reduce food waste and energy waste.... Read More
The White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) recently distributed the Volpe Center's "Commuter Choice Survey" to all Federal agencies as the "best resource that is currently available" to estimate greenhouse gas emissions attributable to... Read More