Video by Jenny Rabago and Asthaa Chaturvedi
Video by Jenny Rabago and Asthaa Chaturvedi
The George Washington University
Imagine if it took three hours to go grocery shopping just so you could make a healthy meal for your family. That's the reality in Anacostia, and BrightFarms is trying to do something about it.
Planet Forward/GWU
ZANZIBAR, Tanzania – Zanzibar has one greenhouse. Only one. And this simple technology could be the key to helping the island feed itself.
Americans use more than 400 billion gallons of water in a single day, that’s more than our total oil consumption in a year. We need to introduce new ideas and technological innovations to teach the next generation how to curb and better manage our... Read More
Lighten Your Load Events: Forest Service employees were asked to unplug and properly surplus unused government equipment in an effort to reduce the agency's footprint.