green roofs

The George Washington University
Green roofs are simply roofs that have greenery on them. But that greenery is there to do more than just look nice for those brave enough for the heights.
Sustainable Roofs - Maximizing Urban Potential
Sustainable Roofs - Maximizing Urban Potential
Sustainable Roofs are a great way for cities to maximize the potential of their buildings. Santa Monica and Chicago are discussed as case studies. By: Samantha Hoilett and Kelsey Bobeck
Description of storm water management around the United States.
National Science Foundation
Because cities have so many dark surfaces that absorb heat, they can become extremely hot and congested during the summer. A new study suggests that by painting roofs white, city temperatures could decrease nearly two degrees during the summer... Read More
George Washington University
Check out this week's webisode where Planet Forward's host Frank Sesno speaks with Don Ferrier of the National Association of Home Builders at the Solar Decathlon about the costs and benefits of green roofs. WATCH!
American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)
From our sustainable landscape series, this animation shows you how green roofs, permeable pavements and other green infrastructure techniques manage excess rain with sustainable design.
Green Roofs for Healthy Cities
On the rooftop garden of Toronto's Evergreen Brickworks, Steven Peck, President and Founder of environmental not-for-profit Green Roofs for Healthy Cities explains the benefits of rooftop urban agriculture. An online training course on the history... Read More
Planet Forward
In this week's webisode, we bring you an idea from the National Science Foundation about the benefits of green roofs. Also hear from a Planet Forward member who shows us her small business of painting roofs white for an environmental benefit.