Green Public Transit

George Washington University
FEATURED SELFIE: The DC Streetcar could revitalize the H Street district while making public transit more green.
Video Courtesy of Bus Roots
Video Courtesy of Bus Roots
Planet Forward, GWU School of Media and Public Affairs
Is the roof of a bus prime space for a garden? Can a fleet of them bring green space to a city? One entrepreneur says "yes."
New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Department of Transportation are on a mission to make the Big Apple the “greatest, greenest big city in the world” by ramping up bicycle infrastructure across the city, introducing bus rapid transit to the... Read More
In Istanbul, Turkey, getting from one place to another used to be a huge hassle. To solve this problem, the city created the only inter-continental bus rapid-system in the world, making the city more navigable! Check it out!
This video is produced by EMBARQ - The World Resources Institute Center for Sustainable Transport. Los Angeles’ Metro is doing something that no transit agency in the country has ever done: it’s marketing its products and services as if it were a... Read More