green chemistry

Senior Writer, Planet Forward
What an incredibly strong and flexible material, a fraction of the weight of steel, and can be created by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere?
The safety issues of traditional lithium-ion batteries are well-documented: corrosion, toxic chemicals, and even fires and explosions. A new electrolyte material looks to put an end to these hazards; it's constructed out of non-corrosive and non-... Read More
When our phones are about to die, what do we do? We charge the battery! But what if we had something more efficient than a battery? This research team from Northeastern University is working on a portable fuel cell that converts chemical energy... Read More
How can we make flame retardants--normally environmentally unfriendly substances--into sustainable products? Researchers from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell discuss their work for the U.S. Armed Forces.
The same chemicals we use in shampoo and conditioner could capture CO2 from power plant smokestacks and help limit climate change.
The Centers for Disease Control says 93% of us have Bisphenol-A in our bodies. From the linings of food and soda cans to eyeglasses, water bottles and dental sealants, billions of pounds of this petroleum-based chemical are used to strengthen... Read More