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Many younger home owners are financially strapped and cannot afford to give their homes energy improvements. Additionally, many people of low income live in buildings which really need energy improvements. Ironically, some have elderly relatives or... Read More
Factory-built homes have the benefits of being constructed inside a manufacturing plant (avoiding weather-related delays), standardization that improves consistency and eliminates waste, and a design/build process that facilitates innovation and... Read More
Planet Forward and PBS explore how the Empire State Building is greening its giant footprint.
I envision solar panels that would overlap and interlock to be used as roofing tiles. They would interconnect using integrated connectors instead of wires or cables. These tiles would be made in standard sizes and shapes for easy removal and... Read More
Planet Forward
By: Ryan Hudnall (presenter), Zoe Calish, Jenna Winer, Beena Patel, and Hae Youn Lee. For a graduate level course on urban sustainability at The George Washington University, our group studied ways in which Portland, Spokane, Alexandria, Baltimore,... Read More
Digital Media Producer, Planet Forward
The Empire State Building retrofitted all 6,514 windows completing the first phase of its sustainability initiative, which will reduce the buildings consumption of energy by 38%! Talk to Kevin Surace, CEO of Serious Materials, and find out how his... Read More
Planet Forward
At approximately 10:45 AM EST Thursday, FIFA (Soccer's international governing body) announced Qatar as the host of the 2022 World Cup. The announcement, which shocked people around the world, came minutes after Russia was announced as the World Cup... Read More
Do something small to save something big. By lowering our thermostats a mere 2 degrees we can save the CO2 output equivalent of driving over 600 miles.