Many of this mall's tenants left after the anchors stores closed at The Mall at the Source in Westbury, New York. (Creative Commons)

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
The decline of shopping malls is a result of online shopping and the need for instant gratification.
Sustainable Gifts

(Unsplash/ DiEtte Henderson)

Planet Forward Senior Correspondent | Cornell University
A list of useful, practical, sustainable, and fun products to give and receive this holiday season.
solar energy panels

A rooftop of solar panels can create long-term savings for a home or business. (Pixbay)

State University College at Buffalo
The solar industry is making its way into becoming a fierce competitor in the energy sector. As prices for solar continue to decrease, new innovations are incentivizing Americans to invest in solar homes.
Kansas wind farm

The Smoky Hills Wind Farm as seen from Interstate 70 in Lincoln, Kansas. (Drenaline/Creative Commons)

State University College at Buffalo
Cities across the United States are beginning the switch to 100% renewable energy, but just four towns have reached the goal so far.
American University School of Communication
Out-of-season fruits take a major toll on the environment. This winter, think about the real costs of that carton of strawberries and consider a greener solution.
George Washington University
Help your organization and university achieve its sustainability goals by making your outreach efforts as green as possible.
Planet Forward Intern/Marymount University
It's tough to separate fact from fiction — especially when it comes to the environment. We debunk some of the more popular myths about sustainability.
Planet Forward Intern/Marymount University
Starting Oct. 5, the Kill The Cup campaign challenges beverage drinkers across the nation to cut their waste production by switching to reusable cups.
Colby College - Climate Leadership Award Entry 2014
Colby College - Climate Leadership Award Entry 2014
Colby College
This video documents the 13 year journey of Colby College to reach their carbon neutrality goal, and details the major carbon reduction activities the institution undertook to get there.
The Art and Design of Sustainability
The Art and Design of Sustainability
Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Massachusetts College of Art and Design is a public, independent college of art and design. The college's professional baccalaureate and graduate programs prepare students to participate in the creative economy as fine artists, designers, and art... Read More