John Purcell, head of Vegetables R&D for Bayer, was leading the conversation on plant breeding on a tour of Bayer's research facility in Woodland, Calif., in August. (Planet Forward)

Stevenson University
Next in our series: Stevenson University's Quinn Luethy looks deeper into how we're going to feed our planet's growing population. Solutions include the development of crops that can withstand the challenges of climate change.

(International Rice Research Institute)

Opposition to golden rice has prevented a potential cure for a vitamin A deficiency from reaching millions of people who need it most.
Farmers, Science and the Sustainability Story
Planet Forward
A discussion of the intersection of why farmers need technology and how we ensure those tools are effective, efficient and sustainable.
Digital Media Producer, Planet Forward
One GWU student started the year skeptical of Genetically Modified Organisms, but had a change of heart once she looked closer.