A podcast episode that gives an easy to digest breakdown of gasoline, octane ratings, and biofuels.
Aneesh Chopra: The Wall of Disbelief
Aneesh Chopra: The Wall of Disbelief
Digital Media Producer, Planet Forward
Detroit is more than a city, it’s a symbol. It represents the decline of American industry, but also the resilience, flexibility, and vision of American workers. Planet Forward went to Detroit for Shell's “Powering Progress Together” event to hear... Read More
Video by Julia Blakely and John Perrino
Video by Julia Blakely and John Perrino
Did you know that every gallon of gas you burn creates 20 pounds of CO2? 
Video by Asthaa Chaturvedi and Jenny Rabago
Video by Asthaa Chaturvedi and Jenny Rabago
George Washinton University
There's another obesity epidemic in America: we're fat on gasoline.
Here's a scenario. You're on a 500+ mile road trip with your family. All of a sudden you're feeling sleepy at the wheel and still got to reach the destination in time. Now think about a service where you can pull into a rest area kind of a place... Read More
Check out this new technology that has the potential to save our environment and solve our energy problems. An artificial leaf removes excess carbon from the air, and researchers can then use that carbon to make gasoline.
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University of Florida
The experience of Walt Disney in his first venture in California taught him that only through a well-planned, efficient flow of people and traffic could success be achieved. He realized that what he had tested and proved in his theme parks was... Read More
Ethanol’s gotten a bit of a bad rap here in the States of late, largely due to the billions of dollars of federal subsidies that are paid to the oil companies each year to blend this renewable domestic fuel into our gasoline. There's been plenty of... Read More