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Where is your trash going? If you live in Alexandria, Virginia or a community like it, it's not going to a landfill - it's being burned to power your home.
Minnesota 2020
How can communities take advantage of local resources to produce enough energy to meet their needs? This research program from the University of Minnesota is trying to find out.
Planet Forward
Linda-Rose Myers, president of Eco-Tech Fuels, aims to convert trash into high performance synthetic fuel. Not only does she propose to help clean up the environment, but her particular project hopes to bring an economic boost to a Native-American... Read More
Senior Policy Advisor Michael McAdams of Holland & Knight LLP discusses how biofuels are a key innovation for our energy future. He discusses primarily the importance of synthetic biology, gasification, and hydro-prossesing, and how each type of... Read More
SBSC (Spectrum Blue Steel Corporation) promotes "Go beyond oil"