The drilling industry’s efforts to open New York state to shale gas development, stymied from the get go, is meeting even more resistance over time. Contrary to public statements earlier this year by New York state governor Andrew Cuomo that... Read More
In the summer of 2009, the debate over the merits of shale gas development was briefly cast in the context of an ecological disaster at Dunkard Creek, a pristine and thriving freshwater fishery winding across Pennsylvania’s border with West Virginia.
The EPA found water quality from 16 homes in Dimock to require “no further action” after the latest round of sampling to assess the impact of shale gas development on water supplies in the area.After finding elevated levels of arsenic in one well,... Read More
The growing role of natural gas in the U.S. energy mix continues to confound and divide renewable energy experts and investors. Is America’s abundant supply of shale gas a boon for the renewable industry, or undercutting it?
A ruling Thursday by a Pennsylvania court is the latest in a series of events strengthening the influence of local communities on the outcome of the national debate over hydraulic fracturing and onshore drilling.
The drilling industry is appealing two watershed cases that will decide whether local municipalities in New York state can ban drilling.
A plan announced this week to use propane to begin developing shale formations in New York state will test technology, law, politics, and policy with the latest twist to the controversial fracking issue.
Appeals of two high-profile cases that will influence the future of shale gas development in New York State remain uncertain.
The quality of well water in Dimock, Pa. is the center of national attention for activists, journalists, regulators, lawyers, policy makers, and industry officials – all looking for the latest evidence from government studies that will support their... Read More